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Tweets for Summer


@ArnicareUSA can help you feel better faster by relieving everyday #muscle #pain & #stiffness.

Pain getting in the way of summer family fun? Relieve it w/@ArnicareUSA from @BoironUSA. Ask for it!

Recover faster from muscle #aches, #stiffness and #bruising with @ArnicareUSA.

We are your resource for @ArnicareUSA from @BoironUSA. A must for your natural first aid kit! #pain #bruising


@BoironUSA’s Calendula Cream made from Garden marigold can help moisturize while healing sensitive burned skin.

Apply @BoironUSA Calendula Ointment to blisters for a speedier recovery. Find this summer essential at our store.

Bug bites? We have the solution! @BoironUSA Calendula Gel can provide cool & soothing relief.

Another summer favorite! Calendula Lotion from @BoironUSA promotes healing of sunburn & other skin irritations.

First Aid

Customize your first aid treatment in 3 clicks or less with the @BoironUSA #homeopathic medicine finder.

Customer favorite! Arnica montana helps relieve muscle pain, stiffness & bruising. via @ArnicareUSA.

Too many summer picnics?! Try @BoironUSA Nux vomica to relieve #heartburn or drowsiness due overeating or #drinking

Apis mellifica relieves swollen, itching, burning skin, relieved by cold compresses. #summer #remedies

Have chapped or cracked fingertips? #Homeopathic Petroleum can help!

Euphrasia officinalis or Eyebright can help with abundant & irritating eye discharge. #homeopathy #eye #health

Bug Bites

A summer first aid must! Apis mellifica can help relieve swelling from insect bites or allergies.

Stock up on Ledum palustre, or wild rosemary, to help provide relief from insect bites.

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