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Tackling the Flu the Healthy Way Part 2: The Flu You Never Knew (Flu Remedies in Different Cultures)

Delve into the history of the most famous flu—the 1918 Spanish flu — and its social impact before learning how today’s flu affects our bodies. The biggest change related to flu throughout the past 100 years is our knowledge. Anna Keene-Windsor, RN, explains the virus’ effect on cells and why a strong immune system can help your body fight off the virus replicating itself.

Despite its many names over the years, flu is known to every country. Learn simple recipes used by other cultures to treat flu naturally and why they work. Examples include hot green tea over a crushed pickled plum from Japan; an onion-garlic-honey paste from the Dominican Republic; a warmed pear covered by the honey of the fritillaria bulb plant from China, and more. These top homespun solutions contain beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, iron and potassium to strengthen the immune system.

Last, Vincent Pedre, MD, talks about the importance of keeping the body healthy to handle all the different things that come at it — or what he calls “sustainable health.” With his expanded toolkit that includes Western and Eastern therapies, Dr. Pedre shares what he uses for his patients and his family.

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