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Tweets for Fall


Fall means #cold & #flu time! Stock up & save now on @OscilloUSA & other @BoironUSA essential medicines. #homeopathic

Celebrate autumn with a flu-free household. Stock up now & save on @OscilloUSA. 

Did you know #flu caught at school can spread easily at home? We have @OscilloUSA to keep your family healthy! 

Flu-like symptoms? Pick up some @OscilloUSA & feel like yourself again.

@OscilloUSA travels well. And so will you. Save $2 before heading out to our store.

Children’s Chestal

@BoironUSA Children’s Chestal calms coughs at bedtime so they don’t prevent sleep but w/o drowsiness during day.

@BoironUSA Children’s Chestal cough syrup contains the goodness of #honey.

Love @BoironUSA Children’s Chestal Honey #cough syrup? Download a #coupon at before heading to our store.


Fall sports are in full swing. Time to be good to your body. Relieve your family’s muscle aches, pain & stiffness with @ArnicareUSA.

Working hard to get those autumn leaves under control? Pick up @ArnicareUSA for natural pain relief.

Searching for @ArnicareUSA & other @BoironUSA #homeopathic medicines? We have what you need!

Single Medicines

Heading to our store? Customize your #homeopathic treatment first. Use @BoironUSA medicine finder.

Find the right @BoironUSA #homeopathic medicine in 3 clicks or less!

Learn more about @BoironUSA #homeopathic single medicines for #colds & #flu:

@BoironUSA Kali iodatum is the #homeopathic remedy for colds with frontal sinus pain.

Croupy or barking cough? Try @BoironUSA Spongia tosta for relief.

We carry #homeopathic single medicines from @BoironUSA that help relieve a sore throat:

Too much pumpkin pie?! Cider?! Try @BoironUSA Nux vomica for #heartburn or drowsiness from #overeating or #drinking.

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