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Our Medicines

Boiron offers more than 800 homeopathic medicines approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of United States (HPUS). Boiron branded medicines and 83 single medicines are readily available in health food stores and pharmacies nationwide. Other Boiron medicines may be special-ordered by health care professionals and health food store employees, and are typically available in three days.

Branded Medicines

Many homeopathic medicines are presented as branded medicines and packaged like other over-the-counter medications. Branded medicines are convenient for patients as their directions for use are clear and specific to a particular condition. These medicines are available in a variety of dosage forms, including tablets, gels, ointments, creams, syrups, eye drops and suppositories. Some branded medicines, like Arnicare® Gel or Calendula Lotion, may contain a single active ingredient, although most combine several active ingredients in the same product.

Single Medicines

Other common presentations for homeopathic medicines are the multi-dose tube and the unit-dose tube. Available in quick-dissolving pellets, these medicines contain a single active ingredient.