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It’s time to dust off those gardening tools, baseball mitts and bicycles—it’s spring! But be careful—after a long winter stuck indoors, our bodies are more prone to muscle aches, minor injuries and bruises as we start to become more physically active. To help your family feel better faster, try Boiron’s Arnicare line. Available in oral pellets, quick-dissolving tablets, and topical gel and cream formulas, Arnicare temporarily relieves muscle pain and stiffness, swelling from injuries, and bruising, so you can continue to enjoy your spring activities. More information on Arnicare can be found at And be sure to look for great deals at our store(s).

Moms concerned with ingredients in over-the-counter topical pain relievers can rely on Boiron Arnicare Gel or Cream to temporarily relieve muscle pain, stiffness and bruising. Arnicare does not contain methyl salicylate or camphor, common ingredients found in many pain-relief creams which can be toxic in large doses. Its active ingredient is Arnica montana, also known as the Mountain daisy, and it’s one of the most popular homeopathic medicines in the world. These unscented formulas do not contain parabens or artificial colors. More information can be found at

Unlike many over-the-counter pain relief gels, Boiron Arnicare Gel temporarily relieves neck, back, shoulder and leg muscle pain and stiffness, as well as swelling from injuries and bruising. The gel is especially useful on sore, stiff muscles after running around with the kids or a long day spent in the garden. For those who bruise easy, it will help reduce discoloration, which can be unsightly on exposed areas like legs and arms. Arnicare Gel contains Arnica montana, one of the most popular homeopathic medicines, so it works naturally on muscle pain, swelling and bruising. Arnicare absorbs quickly into the skin and will not leave behind a greasy or sticky feeling. The paraben-free gel does not contain artificial colors or perfumes. More information can be found at

Staying healthy and fit can come at a price. Not only is there wear and tear on joints and muscles, but bumps, strains and falls can occur. Simple stretching and exercising at least three times a week are essential in preventing an injury. Good nutrition is also fundamental in reducing pain. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your family’s daily diet and rely less on pre-packaged food. Drink water more frequently to increase hydration, and eat every four hours to optimize your metabolism. When an injury occurs, rest and minimize physical activity, apply ice to the injured area, elevate the injured arm or leg, and relieve pain naturally by applying a topical like Boiron Arnicare Gel or Cream.  These topicals, which contain homeopathic Arnica montana, temporarily relieve neck, back, shoulder and leg muscle pain and stiffness, as well as swelling from injuries and bruising. More information can be found at or ask about it at our store.


Your day outdoors doesn’t have to end because of nuisances like sunburn, blisters or bug bites if you keep your first aid kit stocked with natural essentials like Boiron Calendula topical medicines. These multi-purpose medicines are available in easy-to-apply gel, cream, lotion or ointment. The moisturizing cream and lotion is best for more sensitive skin. The gel is refreshing and quickly absorbed. The ointments remain on the skin longer and is best for conditions that take longer to heal like chapped hands.  Visit our store for more details or view online at

The mid-afternoon sun can turn exposed skin tender and red even with precautions like sunscreen or a hat. Boiron Calendula Cream and Lotion, made from Calendula officinalis, a Garden marigold, can help moisturize while healing sensitive burned skin. You can also rub the cream into cracked heels, and apply Calendula Ointment to chapped lips dried out from the sun or wind.More info can be found at

If a blister should arise from wearing your new garden clogs or beach sandals, do not pierce it. This exposes your skin to infection. Most blisters heal naturally, but for a speedier recovery, apply Boiron Calendula Ointment to the blister after cleansing the area, and cover it with a bandage. Applying ointment to the area before wearing shoes will also help keep the skin supple and lubricated, therefore reducing the risk of getting blisters. More info can be found at or ask one of our in-store wellness experts.

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